Swanson Health

At Swanson Health, I worked as content strategist and lead copywriter on a cross-functional marketing team to help modernize the brand with new products and labels, thought leadership, a quarterly brand magazine, global marketing campaigns, and much more.

Project Overview

Swanson has been a trusted name in health and wellness for fifty years, but the brand needed to modernize to stay relevant.

I worked on a cross-functional marketing and creative team at Swanson to help breathe new life into the brand. I contributed to new brand guidelines and an editorial style guide, worked as lead writer and strategist on content campaigns, brand publications, product launches, media pitches, videos, print ads, sale guides, new label development and more.

This was a fast-paced environment with many projects running simultaneously. View some of the project highlights below!

Brand Publications

Autumn/Winter Brand Mag
Spring/Summer Brand Mag
CBD Mailer

Product Launches

Mellow Mag
Pure Science Herbals
Real Food Protein
Real Food Nutrition

Misc Multimedia

Antidotes Campaign Video
April Fool's PR
Email Samples

Blog Posts

Zealous About ZZZs
The Science of Better Sleep
Adaptogenic Herbs for Stress
How is CBD Oil Made?